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Indian Summer Screenwriting ColonyIndian SummerColony House

Dates: Lew is currently not hosting any colonies.

This Colony is held in Autumn just as the leaves begin to tarnish and turn to the golden blades of Fall. The air is brisk, the small town atmosphere is energized by local harvest festivals and football events. It is truly a slice of Americana, as you cocoon in the wonderful and warm environment of the Indian Summer Screenwriting Colony to focus on your writing.

The schedule will immediately immerse you in the writing process where you will be encouraged to progress from story idea, to treatment, to step-outline and finally to complete the First Act of the Screenplay (30 pages).

We will avail ourselves to the Victorian comfort of this small town, and immerse ourselves in the pursuit of writing. Every day will be filled with lecture, workshop and/or writing time. There are plenty of cozy and isolated places to concentrate on your writing assignments. As you will soon discover, writing is the priority, but taking the time to socialize and discuss writing issues with your fellow participants is also a vital part of the Colony experience.

Fall is the time of Eagle migration, and it is quite common to witness this majestic bird in wooded areas and lake areas in the near vicinity. The town of Superior has a vital and informed birdwatching community, and they can easily give you information and direction on where to best view the American Bald Eagle.

Lew Hunter will lead the workshop and the lecture, and will facilitate the best writing by creating an atmosphere of constructive feedback for all participants.

This Indian Summer Colony fills rapidly and it is strongly suggested that you submit an application at your earliest opportunity to ensure acceptance and availability.

All skill-levels of writing experience are encouraged to apply and to participate. We can easily accommodate the most basic beginner to the most experienced professional. All writers will be respected, honored and supported through the writing process.