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Currently Lew is taking a breaking from hosting his colonies.

Lew Hunter's Indian Summer Colony is wonderful opportunity to intensify and elevate your screenwriting skills.

The Colony is patterned after the UCLA/MFA Screenwriting Program, and it includes ample workshop time where each writing student will receive feedback on his/her screenwriting submissions from beginning to end.

This is an intense program for serious writers of all levels. You will be immersed in the screenwriting experience with opportunity to discuss, and receive feedback from your workshop facilitator and host, Lew Hunter.

Each participant has a set goal of writing a treatment, a detailed Step-Outline and the First Act of his/her screenplay (30 pages); it is typical for most participants, even at the beginning level to go beyond 30 pages within the timeframe of the workshop. It is not unusual for participants to complete a first draft of the screenplay.

The Colony runs for 14 days with time built-in for travel, jet-lag adjustment, and even a little sight-seeing of local points of interest.




Take a tour of the Colony Homes with our slideshow below.


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