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Lew's Links

Here are some links chosen by Lew and friends. We are not responsible for all the content on these sites, but deem them worthy of your attention.

Check out Lew R. Hunter, listed in Wikipedia!

Screenwriter's Utopia A smorgasbord of how-to articles, contests, classes, forums and more.

Francis Coppola's American Zoetrope An ambitious labor of love, Coppola's American Zoetrope is a safe harbor for writers of screenplays and short stories looking for exposure. Uploaded short stories and screenplays are considered for Zoetrope magazine and American Zoetrope Productions. You might even get to talk to Mr. Coppola in the chat room.

WGA The Writers Guild of America, west. Your union, once you’ve become a professional. More than just the member’s site. Filled with content from their magazine, Written By, links to specialized reference sites, agents, script registration, and more.

IndieProducing.com Lew’s UCLA colleague and friend Myrl Schreibman’s site. Content-rich and useful to both professionals and students, visit this one often.

UCLA ScreenwritingLew’s alma mater and academic home. Theatre, Film, and Television Department includes the Screenwriting Program, the Professional Production Program, Digital Media. For those who can’t fulfill the demands of a degree program, check the Summer Session schedule for Screenwriting classes.

Learning Annex Lew and his protégé Jim Dalessandro teach at the Learning Annex in San Francisco, and there are others around the country. Not affiliated with the Learning Exchange in Sacramento, where Lew also teaches.

MovieBytes.com The most comprehensive source for contest information, results, and interviews with contest winners. Sign up for Frederick Mensch’s great newsletter.

Leonard Maltin Online TV critic and megafan Leonard Maltin’s new site. He regularly updates it with new essays about movie history. A well-designed site with lots of good content.

Internet Movie Database IMDB is the most comprehensive source for the minitiaeu of movies. From full credits to running times, IMDB is your source. While not infallible, it's a good first choice for checking credits.

Roger Ebert Features interviews, essays on film, and more.

Michael Levin Lew’s colleague at UCLA, best-selling novelist Michael Levin. Mr.Cranky Mr. Cranky hates everything. But beyond the jaundiced eye, Mr. Cranky actually knows movies and respects them, which is why he hates bad work.

CraftyScreenwriting.com Screenwriter/Producer Alex Epstein’s site. One of Lew’s most memorable students, Alex is currently showrunner for a Canadian sci-fi series.

Complications Ensue: The Crafty Screenwriting Blog http://complicationsensue.blogspot.com

Wordplay Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot's tutorial for intermediate and advanced screenwriters. From the writers of Shrek, Aladdin, The Mask of Zorro, The Road to El Dorado, and others. Over 40 lengthy columns on the craft and business of screenwriting (written by Terry) with guest columns by colleagues. Lew recommends these columns to his students.

Andy Horton’s Website Film historian, author, university professor, mentor, screenwriting tour host, and instructor; Andy Horton wears many hats and wears them well.

Richard Walter Author, chair of the UCLA Screenwriting Program, and mensch nonpareil. A kind and generous teacher.

Sharon Teo Professor of New Media at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Lew thinks she’s brilliant.

Scenare.cz Lew’s friend, Markéta Docekalová’s screenwriting portal in the Czech Republic. In Czech, with some English. Coming soon, a directory of talent in Eastern Europe, including technical crew and creative talent. Marketa is the show runner for a Czech TV drama.

FilmFestivals.com Schedule of future festivals and entry information for filmmakers and news from current events.

Ain’t It Cool Harry Knowles has the rumor and hot news on movies before anyone else. What's fact and what's rumor? You decide.

JumpTheShark A site devoted to the moment when a TV series goes down hill. So named for the episode on Happy Days when the Cunninghams went on a Florida vacation and Fonzie water-skied over a shark.

10 Myths About Copyright Not specifically for screenwriters, but good, solid information. To copyright your scripts, go to the Library of Congress or use the WGA Registration Service.

Box Office Guru Current figures and historical perspectives. Projections for each week’s openings. Gitesh Prabda knows this inside and out. The numbers are important because it helps you plan your movie attendance. If you see a movie is tanking and is likely to lose screens, you plan accordingly.

City of Superior, Nebraska Pamela and Lew Hunter’s home town. Aptly named.

Superior Tour and Travel. Okay, no website for Rhonda Edwards, but she’ll give you old-fashioned service for a reasonable price on all your travel needs. Pamela and Lew don’t take a trip without consulting Rhonda. 1-800-279-1026.

Nebraska-Wesleyan University Lew's undergraduate alma mater.