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Dig In with West and the Gang, by James Delmont
Excerpted from Lew’s Blog, Odds, Ends, Evens on Screenwriting and the Meaning of Life!

Ben Sherwood, who wrote a recent novel that will be laying around the Colony premises, The Man Who Ate the 747, caught in development hell as a movie, wanted to set his story in Superior, Nebraska. At the time, Ben was the Senior Producer for the Tom Brokaw NBC Evening News. Ben was asked, "Why do you want to go and research a town in the middle of nowhere. Ben confesses he came here with that mindset and soon learned he had come to..."the middle of everywhere."

We think you might more than appreciate the Casey's, the Country Store, the Dew Dropin, Jughead's, aka the boring new name Dave's Place run by Don and his sauerkraut pizza, the Superior Express, The Victorian Inn, the meaning of true synergy where the hospital Board Chairman is also the town mortician, Lincoln Park's tallest slide in the world, Lefty Bothwell's tallest dog in the world with the largest smile... but I digress. Sort of.

One of your fellow Colonyites had some questions and some of them may be yours also so we will "share," (as we say in L.A.), the responses. By the by, another of your future colleagues has smartly ordered her meds in advance to cover the two weeks.

Yes, there are two printers on the premises, plus two others off premises, plus others are surely bringing printers. Anyone have quills and inkwells? You all can have access to the printers, and we will have reams of paper lying near them. There are also stores in this town of 2200 that can provide you with almost anything fit for human consumption or wearing. Talk to Pamela or moi.

We have a washer and dryer available to you in the Colony House. We have one grocery store. The Ideal (what else) Market exactly two blocks south and two blocks west of the Colony House. Perhaps some of you are "vegans". Ideal Market has an excellent selection of fruits and vegetables and if you want something they might not have, ask Shannon (who also runs the Total Fitness Center) or whoever answers at 402-879-4430. They also have animals that have given themselves up for the culinary cause. Remember, you will be getting your own lunches and most suppers. And we do have a dandy kitchen in the Colony House for those who choose to not go to Evelyn's, the Velvet Rose, the aforementioned Dave's Place, the Dairy Queen, the Subway, the Pizza Hut. or some of the nearby town's culinary palaces, aka The Palace in Red Cloud.

For all of you, you know we also furnish breakfast with Mrs. Miller's world-class cinnamon rolls. Dinner the first, second and last Colony nights and for the rest of the nights and lunches, you're on your own cooking in the Colony House kitchen or visiting any of the nearby culinary palaces. We have central heating and air. The weather should be very nice. Once in a while at this time of year we'll have a day in the '80's. All rooms have desks and phones ergo your portal to the Internet (or the picnic table outside my office for wi-fi needs, aka getting a signal off my DSL) to check your e-mail or the skinny on landslides in globally warm Antarctica. Also, alarm clocks, surge cords, sheets and towels. All of the enmities are in the Colony House as well as the Victorian Inn for those at either locale.

On the second floor of the Colony House, in the Twain Room, aka the Stenciled Floor room, be sure to be friendly with whoever resides in that room, as there are over two hundred classic movies scripts in a cabinet on the west wall. You're welcome to read and return or copy the scripts if the person in the room feels sufficiently friendly with you. Often that same person is communicating with the spiritual aura the scripts project ergo you may have to repeat yourself to him or her.

Now we do have optional things available in this 2200 peopled metropolis if you so periodically choose. Bowling, golf, tennis, Total Fitness, a health club on Central, the main street, a municipal swimming pool (hours 1 to 5pm & 6:30 to 9pm everyday). In the Hunter House, an 8 ball pool table. At the Colony House in the backyard, horse shoes, badminton, croquet, darts and gazebo sitting. For you jocks, golf clubs and tennis racquets and balls for all in the garage. In the house, a giant 60" TV screen with a humongous amount of classic movies and interviews with most of the screenwriters from my next book "Naked Screenwriting: 20 Academy Award Winning Screenwriters Bare Their Art, Soul, Craft and Secrets" (Coppola, Wilder, Oliver Stone, Callie Khouri, Ron Bass, Goldman, Payne and Taylor and on) all on VCR tape plus a DVD for the few DVD's we have or if you wish to bring some, we can play them. We are in the 21st Century, gang!! Oh, the African porch! Game watching but instead of lions, rhinos, giraffes.... multiple birds (the cardinals get serious bird watchers going), bunnies, squirrels and Foxy, Betty and Leo Zadina's next door terrier.

Any and all may be useful for a mind break from the work. All available in this "middle of everywhere" world.

From Omaha, 80 west to 14 south. 3 hours total to the north edge of town, the Victorian Inn. For those of you staying there, check in by 3:30pm or before, continue into town to 7th street, right turn to the west two blocks and the 2nd house to the left, Victorian Nirvana!! 631 North Kansas Street!! The Colony House!!!

Whatever your transport from wherever, put in the expectation corner of your brain, this truism about why you're coming. For story. Your story.

As said, daily schedule is on www.lewhunter.com and remains set, aka in stone. Oh, also bring warm socks if your feet get chilly being bare as we celebrate a smoke and shoe free Colony House.

A man went into a church in New York and saw a golden telephone in the foyer. He was told this was a direct line to God and he could call God if he wished. After his query about the toll charges, the answer was "Ten thousand dollars". His face knotted in thought before he chose to not call God at those prices. Over time, he went to a church in New Orleans and saw another gold telephone. That too was a direct line to God. "That would cost eight thousand for such a call. In Chicago, another gold phone, this time five thousand dollars. In California, Seattle and Texas, the same gold phone, but the cost was fifteen thousand per call. One day, he came to Nebraska, came to Superior, to the Superior Screenwriting Colony House. Another gold phone. The price? Twenty five cents. "Twenty five cents?!!! Around the world, the price fluctuates from fifteen to five thousand dollars. How can it be twenty five cents??"

"Well" spoke Pamela and Lew in unison, "From the Superior Screenwriting Colony House.... it's a local call."

Write on!!! Happy, safe Trails! We love you already!!

Lew and Pamela